Sonic Signatures uses strong branding and audio expertise to engage consumers across multi-platform experiences.  We are a team of composers and marketers with a passion for communicating through sound. 


Voice, mobile and streaming have created more ways then ever before for brands to connect with their audience.  We will help your brand find ways to standout via high quality, superior audio experiences.


Historically, sound branding has been restricted to the TV Jingle (e.g. “I Wish I Was an Oscar Meyer Weiner”) or audio logos (e.g. Intel).  Today brands must be consistent and persistent with their identity across all touchpoints.  Ownable sonic branding will deliver brand affinity, memorability, engagement and importantly purchase. 


The goal for sonic branding is for all assets, voice, music and UX sounds, to have a common theme that is line with the brand identity. We’ve developed principles for effective sonic branding from our experience creating sonic identities across media platforms for leading brands and technologies. 




We use an holistic approach to identify where and how consumers experience your brand through sound.

  •   Creation of sonic guidelines that reinforce brand attributes

  •     Methodology to effectively use sound across all user experiences and digital assets

  •     Optimization of search in voice and sound applications


We create strong sonic identities with unique recognizable elements that can be deployed across multiple platforms. 

  •   Audio Logo

  •   Brand music themes

  •   Sound sets for navigation and UX 

  •   Voice branding

  •   Experiential audio activations


  • Custom audio and voice casting for Alexa skills and Google actions

  • Podcast branding & advertising

  • Event audio and music

  • VO recordings

  • Earcons

  • Audio AR / VR

  • Music playlist curation



Amazon Alexa - Audio Logo

Alexa Invocation Sound                                 Audio Logo                                                                                      Agency: Hambone Collective                                                                                                            


Opportunity:  Hambone Collective animated the Amazon Alexa logo to be used throughout the company's online video presence.  To play with the visual logo, a strong audio identity was needed that was immediately recognizable as Alexa. 


Design:  Alexa's invocation sound, a two note leap, was identified as the most recognizable Alexa sound.  The original two note leap was created using a monophonic sound source.  To create a livelier sound with a wider color pallet, Sonic Signatures layered additional sounds with rich harmonics onto the original. A reverse into the first note, whoosh and a reverberant tail were added to synchronize with the animation.    

Performance: The animated logo is being rolled out through Alexa’s online video presence, including YouTube, tutorial videos, and live event streaming. 

When creating a logo reveal for a well-known brand, it's paramount that it's approached with intentionality...everything must be considered. Sonic Signatures brought the strategy and purpose we needed to exceed the expectations of the client and to create something truly unique for them.

—Justin Boh, Creative Director, Hambone

30 Garfield Place Suite 11 Cincinnati, OH 45202