Sonic Signatures uses strong branding and audio expertise to engage consumers across multi-platform experiences.  We are a team of composers and marketers with a passion for communicating through sound. 


Voice, mobile and streaming have created more ways then ever before for brands to connect with their audience.  We will help your brand find ways to standout via high quality, superior audio experiences.


Historically, sound branding has been restricted to the TV Jingle (e.g. “I Wish I Was an Oscar Meyer Weiner”) or audio logos (e.g. Intel).  Today brands must be consistent and persistent with their identity across all touchpoints.  Ownable sonic branding will deliver brand affinity, memorability, engagement and importantly purchase. 


The goal for sonic branding is for all assets, voice, music and UX sounds, to have a common theme that is line with the brand identity. We’ve developed principles for effective sonic branding from our experience creating sonic identities across media platforms for leading brands and technologies. 




We use an holistic approach to identify where and how consumers experience your brand through sound.

  •   Creation of sonic guidelines that reinforce brand attributes

  •     Methodology to effectively use sound across all user experiences and digital assets

  •     Optimization of search in voice and sound applications


We create strong sonic identities with unique recognizable elements that can be deployed across multiple platforms. 

  •   Audio Logo

  •   Brand music themes

  •   Sound sets for navigation and UX 

  •   Voice branding

  •   Experiential audio activations


  • Custom audio and voice casting for Alexa skills and Google actions

  • Podcast branding & advertising

  • Event audio and music

  • VO recordings

  • Earcons

  • Audio AR / VR

  • Music playlist curation



Pixel Phone - Product Sonification / UX Alarm Sounds

Bright Mornings                          Gentle Breeze                            Icicles  

Opportunity:  Alarm sounds have evolved from the traditional analog and digital alarms that awaken users with high intensity sounds.   The Pixel phone needed a modern approach to awakens users more gently over time while remaining pleasant and comforting.   The sounds needed to fit into the Pixel’s unique minimal brand of sound emphasizing simplicity. 


Design:  Utilize single organic sound sources and instruments to create “designed” musical alarms and notifications.  Use mild repetition of musical phrases to mirror the function of real world alarm clocks while awakening the user with soft comforting sounds. 


Performance: Response and usage of the new alarms has been high.  Bright Mornings was chosen as the default alarm in the Pixel line of phones. 

Sean is an impressively multi-talented and creative professional. I've had the pleasure of working with Sean on a number of Google products for music composition and UX sound design, and I've always enjoyed the process and results. Sean engages in the work with great energy, a wide musical/sonic range, lateral thinking, and he is always ready to meet and exceed the demands of the creative brief. I highly recommend Sean for any creative project that needs to the talent of a top-tier composer and sound designer. 

— Connor O'Sullivan, Head of Sound Design, Platform & Ecosystems, Google

30 Garfield Place Suite 11 Cincinnati, OH 45202